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Vic & Roy 
Vic and I want to thank you for your recent rescue of our failing solar system. The system itself was less than one year old and was installed by another electrician, who presented himself as an expert, but soon proved to fall well short of expertise in the field of off grid solar systems. His workmanship was satisfactory and the equipment is first rate; however, the array voltage was set at 90vdc instead of 60vdc (nominal 24vdc), the battery bank was undersized based on the required watt hours per day, and the Charge Controller was never programmed- from the initial installation!- absorb time, absorb voltage, EQ, float voltage, nominal voltage, etc.
The result of all of these deficiencies was that our backup generator was running for a few minutes, shutting down and then running again for a few minutes- day and night. The fuel costs were ridiculous, the generator eventually failed and we were stranded, without any power, at an off grid location. 
Kris To The Rescue:
The first thing that Kris did upon his arrival at our home was to check the batteries; which yielded his first positive find. One almost dead battery was the first item to be replaced, along with the addition of four more Rolls batteries. Kris's discovery that the Charge Controller had never been programmed revealed that the Controller was factory set for a 12 volt system and we had a 24 volt system! This contributed to the failure of the battery, false readings that were being displayed and false signals that were being sent to the backup generator. He programmed the Charge Controller- another problem solved!
Through the course of his inspection, installation and programming of our system, Kris explained clearly what he was doing and what it meant to the efficient operation of our system. He patiently answered any and all of our questions and invited us to contact him at any time. He also left us with a quarterly system check list and a log, in which we will note various levels of system performance- from which he may make fine-tune adjustments. Kris is a specialist and, like a doctor, thrives on making systems operate at peak efficiency- a job he does very well! 
Clearly, this man is a professional, who knows his business; but, he also listens and explains things in a manner that makes sense. We are most satisfied with Kris, as our now permanent solar specialist, and have the confidence that all of our needs will be met.

Laurie & Andy

Good morning Kris

Well I thought I would say hello and let you know how things are going with our solar power system here at our cottage on Tomiko Lake.

One word describes how we feel about having it and how well it works, AWESOME!  We got in to the cottage very late on the 14th, I flipped three switches and adjusted the time and lights came on and the fridge started cooling down......perfect.

Yep, it is great to be home from the Netherlands and have such a great system waiting for us, it is so wonderful how well it works!

 We hope you are having a great summer (you know, busy but not too busy).  I know ours is going to be busy as we start to work on all the project we have lined up for ourselves.

Take care and if you ever want to come up to our cottage for a beer you are always welcome!

Sue & Peter 

We are absolutely thrilled with our new solar system designed, supplied and installed by Go Off the Grid. Kris Ledoux is very thorough and conscientious, and he is meticulous down to every last detail. Kris came to our cottage on Rabbit Lake late in the summer of 2015 and laid out a plan for our needs. The installation was planned for the spring of 2016. Later in the fall of 2015, and in the early winter following, Kris contacted us with advice on when to purchase the solar equipment in order to avoid the annual price increases and the rapidly rising U.S. dollar. Following his recommendations resulted in significant savings for us. The installation was completed in just over a day in the early spring of 2016 and we were up and running flawlessly in no time at all.

Being in a remote, off-grid location, we were early adopters of a solar system back in 2006 with a local company. That early system resulted in a significant lifestyle change for us and we have never looked back since. With retirement rapidly approaching for both of us, and with a cottage full of people on a regular basis, we were ready for a more robust system. Go Off the Grid has met our needs in every way. The entire experience was a pleasure.

Bev & Jon 

When we were planning to build our own home in the country, we very much liked the concept of solar living but the more we read, the more confused we got. We found it extremely difficult to find good information regarding solar living, masses about solar refit, but that was not what we were after. We wanted to be totally off the grid, but living with all the amenities that make life easier.
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