Go Off the GridBev and John - Testimonial

When we were planning to build our own home in the country, we very much liked the concept of solar living but the more we read, the more confused we got. We found it extremely difficult to find good information regarding solar living, masses about solar refit, but that was not what we were after. We wanted to be totally off the grid, but living with all the amenities that make life easier.

We tried to work with a company and set up a date to meet and go over things; in fact we are still waiting for them to return our emails. Others were more interested in us filling out what seemed to us, useless forms on our usage, and as it turns out they estimated much larger and more expensive systems than we needed.

Then John found Go Off The Grid on line, and contacted Kris, who was the first person to understand what we wanted and said he could help us get it. We met at a Tim Hortons in North Bay; a very good meeting, we learnt more in that hour than hours of reading and research. Not only was he knowledgeable and truly passionate about solar living, but lives off the grid himself and offered to show us his home and how it all works. For us this was the perfect solution, to find a person who actually lives off the grid, and has done so for a while, to be able to answer all our questions from his own experience.

Kris went over our needs and what we expected from the system, and he suggested a few options and gave honest answers as to the pros and cons of different systems. In the end the choice became clear, and we gave the go ahead for Kris to start work, and order the system etc.

Kris was good to his word, and installed the whole system for us, with lots of instruction along the way. The array looks amazing, and everything works like a charm, something we never doubted.

We had already started building, and used generators at the start, but in January 2016 is when the solar was ready to go and go it did. Our builder used all his electric tools and heavy duty lights, every day without a hitch and all through the winter we did not use the generator again.

We are now moved in and run our home exactly the same as we did when we lived in a subdivision, with the exception of not doing laundry at night because the hydro is so expensive during the day. I am retired now and use my washing machine in the morning which is the optimum time for doing any heavy hydro usage chores, as you have the rest of the day to make up for energy used. We have not suffered any power outages and quite possibly the best part, no monthly bills.

As you have probably already guessed, the above was written by a woman, probably by the lack of technical terms, I don’t understand them. I understand being able to run the freezer, computers, lamps, ceiling fans, dryer, washing machine, food mixer, toaster, well pump, dishwasher, vacuum, TV, CD player and most importantly the hair dryer, to mention a few, without worrying if our system can handle the load.

Not to leave John out, he uses all his electric tools and the addition of a new electric log splitter this spring.

We love this solar. We cannot thank Kris enough for coming to our rescue with his knowledge and passion, and imparting it with simple to understand logic, it made the whole decision for us so easy. The after care is second to none, always ready with help and information, so you don’t feel you are alone in this.

I would recommend this company to anyone, in fact we already have.

Many thanks,

Bev and John