Go Off the Gridabout

Our Services Include:

  • Solar PV system design/supply 
  • Site Assesments
  • Installation
  • Fully insured for water access & barging
  • Real Estate & Insurance appraisals
  • Off grid solar maintenance plans 
Below is a description of our basic package:
Battery - inspect and/or adjust if required/applicable:
1. lowest battery voltage reading in the previous 2.5 month period
2. battery posts are tight and free from debris/corrosion.
3. check distilled water levels in each battery.
4. voltage test each individual battery under load.
Generator - inspect and/or adjust if required/applicable:
1. generator run time.
2. generator oil level. 
Inverter/AGS - inspect and/or adjust if required/applicable:
1. Low Battery Cut Out (LBCO)
2. Charge Rate.
3. AGS start up voltage.
4. AGS disconnect voltage.
5. AGS run time settings
PV - inspect and/or adjust if required/applicable:
1. voltage test each PV string. 
2. average number of hours per week of absorb charging.
3. absorb voltage set point & duration.
4. float voltage set point & duration.
5. program equalize if required. (based on findings in battery procedure #4  - if one or more batteries are out of voltage by .5vdc, entire battery bank will be programmed to equalize).

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Since August of 2008, we at gooffthegrid.ca have been primarily focused on battery based off-grid & grid-tied solar photovoltaic (PV) systems. Our mission is to work collaboratively with our customers to provide innovation through our unique design method. We practice the lifestyle of our craft, and proudly live with off-grid solar. Thank you for visiting our website -

"originality is independence, not rebellion; it is sincerity, not antagonism"  - George Henry Lewes