Go Off the Gridabout


Incorporated in August of 2008, we at gooffthegrid.ca have been continuously working alongside renewable energy, primarily focused on battery based off-grid & grid-tied solar photovoltaic (PV) systems. Our mission is to work collaboratively with our customers to provide innovation through our unique design methods. Our system layouts are carefully considered, assuring that every end user has the maximum potential to harvest.  In doing so, every aspect of your project, whether it be existing or potential, can be assessed for the utmost efficiency. We practice the lifestyle of our craft, and proudly live with off-grid solar.
Our Services Include:
  • ESA/CSA compliant solar PV system design. 
  • Supply, installation, and programming of all solar specific components.
  • Scheduled maintenance plans.
  • System re-design/upgrading.
  • Site Assessments.
  • Fully insured for water access & barging.
  • Real Estate & Insurance appraisals.